Resource Round Up

I’m forever saving and collecting interesting resources and tidbits from around the web. I figured I’d share a few of my recent finds. Enjoy!

Memorizing Scripture

All of us know we are supposed to hide God’s Word in our heart, but sometimes that is easier said than done. Here are two resources that might assist in that endeavor. (If you have a resource that works well, feel free to share it in the comments.)

1. Scripture
This is both a website and an app designed to help you memorize scripture. Check out their short video:

You can add your own verses to memorize or choose from some of their pre-loaded ones.

2. Do Not Depart 
This website offers Bible memory plans and other tools to help “abide in God’s Word.” Hiding-James-1-in-My-Heart_DoNotDepart-150x150I encourage you to join me and sign up for the James 1 memory plan. Take a look here to register for the plan:
(you’ll get emails, memory plan timeline, and lots of other resources along the journey)


Encouragement for Moms

Sometimes momma’s need encouragement too! I’ve found that we are oftentimes quite hard on ourselves in the journey of motherhood. Here are a few resources to bring encouragement, direction, and hope for the journey:

1. Impressing God’s Word on Your Kid’s Heart
We all want to transfer our love for God and His Word to our kids, right? Sometimes the way seems clear and other times it is hard to see the best way forward. Here is a podcast on Inspired to Action (a great Bible Study and “Encouragement for Moms” site in its own right) featuring Amanda from Oh Amanda! talking about how to :

  • Learn the incredibly simple ways to surround our kids with God’s word.
  • Learn simple ways to start great conversations with our children.
  • Discover some of our favorite resources for impressing God’s word on our kid’s hearts.

The podcast is available on this post: How to Impress Your Kids … With God’s Word
They’ve made it super simple to listen directly from the post by clicking the podcast at the top of the page.

2. Inspired to Action
You might want to look a little closer at the Inspired to Action site if you are in need of some extra “Mommy Encouragement.” This site is chock-full of Biblical Motherhood, Marriage, and content pertaining to Christian ladies, with a heavy dose of Bible Study mixed in. I’ve always loved their Hello Mornings Sessions (see below) and always find their content timely.

Here are a just a few recent highlights from Inspired to Action:


3. Hello Mornings
As I mentioned, I really like the Hello Mornings! group. They are “an online community of women who are committed to making the most of their mornings by spending time with God, planning their day and making themselves fit for the life God has given them. God. Plan. Move.

You can check out their lastest Hello Morning challenge here:

Know of some great resources? Leave a comment and let us know 🙂


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