Thin Places and a Chance to WIN a KINDLE

image I’ve just finished reading a fantastic memoir by Mary DeMuth entitled, “Thin Places.” Although a personal reflection, this book explores those moments in our life where God’s sovereignty meets our humanity. We all have “thin places” in our lives.

But Thin Places is about hope and healing more than it is about the traumatic events of DeMuth’s childhood. According to DeMuth, thin places are “snatches of time, moments really, when we sense God intersecting our world in tangible, unmistakable ways.” When she encountered the true love of Jesus at a Young Life camp in high school, DeMuth’s life trajectory changed. God reassembled the pieces of her emotionally fragile self, which initiated true healing and peace.

Others have termed Thin Places as “brave, moving, and poignant.” Truly, I could not have said it better. This book exposes what others hide and allows for healing, both in DeMuth’s life and in the reader’s life. In plumbing the depths of her experiences she helps others to do the same and to explore their own “thin places.”

Purchase the Book:

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I mentioned a contest to win a Kindle. Here are the details on that:

Kindle Contest

In Mary DeMuth’s memoir, Thin Places, she walks us through her journey from hurt to healing as she developed a deep, joyful relationship with Jesus. Thin places are those times where the division between this world and the eternal fades; they are snatches of holy ground, tucked into the corners of our world, where we might just catch a glimpse of eternity. Now, we invite you to tell your story of a thin place in your own life . . . and we’re giving you the opportunity to win a Kindle reader for doing so!

Here’s how to participate: (this is open to US participants only – sorry!)

1) In exactly 259 words – the retail value of a Kindle reader – tell us about a time you experienced a “thin place” in your life. These would be aha moments, beautiful realizations when the Son of God bursts through the hazy fog of our monotony and shines on us afresh, times when God has reminded or reassured you that he is real and present.

2) Post your essay on your blog or website. Once you’ve posted to your blog, add a link to your post in the Mr. Linky widget found at If you post to a Facebook account or do not have a place to post, then submit your essay in the body of an email to Your entry must be received (either by Mr. Linky or email) by midnight, Friday, February 12th to be eligible for the contest.

3) Personally invite at least two people you know to join the contest. You can do that by email, in person, or by adding an invitation to your blog posting. This will be done on the honor system (we don’t need to know names), but please help us by spreading the word.


What others are Saying:

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