Obligatory New Year’s Post

Yup! You know it. I’m going to start the year with a post and see if I can do a better job of keeping this digital journal up to date in Twenty Ten.

I’m eclectic and have grown accustomed to the fact that most of my posts are that way too. So, in the spirit of all things eclectic … here are a few things on my radar as we head into 2010.


I’ll be working through Simple Mom’s post about New Year’s Goals. I life calling them goals rather than resolutions. Most of my knee-jerk reactions at end of year are not nearly resolute enough to be actual resolutions.

I’m also going to be sending off for a few more FREE calendars. Freebies 4 Mom has a round up of who has FREE Calendars available. (Just in case you are a little slow and still need a calendar ~ or you’re like me and just like free calendars. *wink*)

And if you like Digital Calendars and want to make your desktop or iPhone purty for January, grab some from:

Also, a while back I mentioned Cozi ~ a home organizational tool. Modern Media Mom had a nice post revisiting the Cozi.com site and new features they’ve added. If you’re not already locked into a favorite way to track calendars for everyone, journal, keep to-do lists, etc. then check it out


image Maybe you’re planning on reading though the Bible this year. YouVersion has a reading plan to assist with that.

Simple Mom has a book club that is cranking up. They kick off the year with The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families. Read the details here.

I’m also personally looking forward to Mark Batterson new Book, Primal. If you’ve not read his other stuff I highly recommend them. You can pick them up at most bookstores or loads of places online.

Here are links to his other two books:

In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day
Wild Goose Chase

Again, I heartily recommend both!

HomeSchooling, Kids, Fun, Etc:

I’m going to be re-organizing things in the HomeSchool area as well. I plan on making things like this Reading Center and watching blogs more closely for other ideas.

I’m also thinking of making some of these cute crafts with Steph:

Salty Snow Prints featured on Blissfully Domestic


image Oh BTW … let me insert a short PSA here. Blissfully Domestic is having their annual conference in NASHVILLE soon. I found out about their first one shortly after moving away from Nashville. Figures!

Check out Blissdom ‘10

If you blog, live near Nashville and would enjoy a girlie getaway, you definitely want to check this one out.



PSA over


Last but not least, I pray you all have a blessed, prosperous and joyful year.


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