Pirates, Riverboats, and Scrooge

As promised, here’s the second part of yesterday’s entry regarding our recent outings.

Tybee Pirate Parade

The Pirate Fest on Tybee Island was this past 100_0984weekend and we thought Steph would enjoy the parade. So, we hit the beach for a few hours then positioned ourselves along Butler Ave. for some swashbuckling fun.

James and Steph with their best piratey “Arrrr!” Please note that we are nice and dry at this point. That didn’t last long and as the parade reached our location the clouds rolled in and the rains came down.

We came prepared for the sunshine and beach with our large, 8-foot beach umbrella. I’m proud to say it doubles nicely as a rain shelter – big enough for us and a few pirates too.

Once the rain rolled in, I snapped a few shots but the camera and Steph were placed in the car during the heaviest of the downpours. We were soaked to the bone by the time it was all over but we had a blast!!!



Catching coins, candy, and necklaces was fun, but Steph loved that she got to be in the street for the whole thing!


Some of the more “colorful” pirates that marched in the parade. They at least looked like they showered – the rest, not so much! Hee hee

Riverboat Cruise down the Savannah River

Next up … a ride down the river on one of the big paddlewheel boats. Our Homeschool group took a short jaunt down the river together for this month’s field trip.



Disney’s “A Christmas Carol” 3D Train Experience

Last, but not least, we stopped by the Amtrak Station to tour the Disney train featuring the new movie “A Christmas Carol.”

Check it out here: http://disney.go.com/disneypictures/christmascaroltraintour/

Now, mind you, I haven’t seen anything in 3D since my childhood days of flimsy little cardboard cut-out 3d glasses that just made things look red and blue. Boy was I impressed!!! Those snowflakes looked like they were floating right into my hand!! I really enjoyed it – probably as much as the kids did.


As a reminder, more pics from our excursions are on Facebook.



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