2nd Grade, Here We Come

Last Monday was our first official school day of the year. We’ve got lots of fun stuff planned and I always enjoy digging through the craft items, school supplies and workbooks as we start each year.

Our first year in Savannah, I chose not to join a Home School Group in the area – partly because it was mid-September before I arrived and October before we got settled into our new home. This year I’ve joined ECHO so that we can participate in field trips and other fun activities with a home school group.

Savannah is FULL of great field trip opportunities and we plan to take advantage of them. For starters, we are participating in an educational program at Old Fort Jackson in September and then going on a river boat cruise in October. I’m so excited about the river boat cruise!!! 

In case you’re interested …


Old Fort Jackson

We haven’t visited this fort yet – there are a bunch of forts in the Savannah area and we are slowly getting around to them. This particular fort was built before the War of 1812 and is the oldest brick fort in the state of Georgia. It’s one of only eight such fortifications still in existence in the US.

We’ll be participating in the Student Militia tours.

Here’s a site with a little more info: http://roadsidegeorgia.com/site/fortjackson.html

I’m sure I’ll be adding pictures after the trip.

More Home School to come …

I’m sure to have more posts along this line coming on the blog. In fact, I have a quasi-rant on deck regarding technology education {or the lack thereof} in home school curriculum.

For those of you recently joining us here, this is a reminder that the primary purpose of this blog is to keep friends and family updated about life in the SAV with the Broxtons.


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