Worth Your Time

I warned you two days ago this blog was going to be about what is on my radar at the time.

Today I finally watched a short 5-minute clip that was posted a couple of days ago. I ignored it the first time … maybe even the second … but watched it this morning when it reappeared in my feed reader on another blog I follow.

And as God so often does, it vividly reinforced what I believe He is already impressing on my heart for my personal life. No … my situation is not as grave as his (nowhere close) but I have been guilty of ~ and continue to be guilty of ~ the same indiscretions.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around all that I believe God is showing me and the personal implications that has. So, I’ll just leave you with the video:

This is the story of Zac Fuse, he works at NewSpring Church in South Carolina. I love what Tally Willis said about the video: “It’s worth an hour of your time but it only lasts 5 minutes.”



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