Hello? Have I lost you?

929117_curious Many regulars around here may have noticed a short hiatus from regular blogging, for most though it hasn’t even registered, I’m sure.

Part of the reason for my momentary silence is conflicting ideas as to what was the best way to utilize this blog. I started it with the intention of using it for scrapbook related items, then I moved to Savannah and it became a way to update all my friends in TN and beyond on my life. Since that time, I’ve shared updates on all things Broxton as well as things I’ve discovered online and off. Sometimes it felt disjointed to me, and sometimes I felt like I was just talking to myself, so I gave up on the updates for awhile.

Well, I am a diverse individual and therefore I’ve decided that it’s OK for my blog to contain diverse info too. So, from this point forward be prepared to see anything on here. Topics will range from geeky to the mundane, from projects around my house to adventures abroad. Don’t be surprised if I start to rant about certain things or choose to direct your attention toward stuff I am passionate about.

With that said … feel free to delete anything from your email or feed reader that you are not interested in reading :)  And please be sure to comment on the posts. (Psst … conversation is good.)


So, what can you expect from the blog?


Well, here are some upcoming post topics:

  • Nutella Challenge entry (love Nutella)
  • Family Night ideas and links
  • Homeschool stuff
  • Ministry in and around Savannah
  • Geeky projects and great gear, online and IRL
  • General stories from everyday life here

So, buckle up. It’s gonna be a fun ride.


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