Jammies that make a difference

I always said that if I lived in Europe during World War Two, I would have wanted to be among those who made a positive difference. I would have wanted to hide Jewish refugees — to be a friend to the persecuted — and to use my resources to make a difference.

In today’s society there are atrocities that occur – both here in the US and abroad – that cause me to want to get involved. In fact, there are so many that sometimes I am overwhelmed and am not quite sure where to jump in and start helping.

IPPI ran across one such way that I wanted to share with you. A well-known author that I love had a post on her site about Punjammies and the International Princess Project. (You can read her post here. Her friend is directly involved with the International Princess Project)

In short, “Punjammies” are jammies that have been made by ladies rescued from sex trafficking and forced prostitution (mainly in India). Here is a quote from Susan Meissner’s blog post:

Ann says: “In India, millions of women and girls work as prostitutes. Many have been trafficked, kidnapped, lured with promises of jobs, or sold by their own families into sexual slavery. Some as young as six years old have become sex workers (the actual term used in India) due to poverty or lack of opportunities. Within the huge, cosmopolitan city of Mumbai, lies the largest red-light district in the world, which is home to a myriad of injustice, abuse, and horrors.”

Jump on over to Punjammies and take a look around. For as little as $5 (in the SALE section) you can purchase something that helps rebuild lives. They offer super-cute pajama bottoms and tees, and there’s even a printed International Princess Project T-shirt that you can buy too.


Here’s a short video to watch and share that sheds light on what they are doing:


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