Pools, Parks, and Herb Gardens

There are a number of public spaces (parks) scattered throughout downtown Savannah. General Oglethorpe’s original city plan from 1733 laid out 24 public park areas. Almost all of the original squares have survived and we enjoy visiting them when downtown. Two of the ones we visit most are Orleans Square and Telfair Square.


We took Lee’s mom down to see Telfair Square recently. Here are Steph and Alyssa chillin’ on one of the park benches near the Girl Scout emblem.


Lee and her mom relax in the shade. When you come visit us, we’ll be sure to take you to this square on our way to City Market for some gelato.

The sun’s been hot and the pools have been open since mid-May around here. Here’s a pic of our young’uns enjoying the pool.


I forgot to mention Steph’s herb garden on the last post. Anyone who knows her knows that she loves to garden with her daddy. This is the first year since she’s been born that we haven’t had a vegetable garden. So, to satisfy her green thumb we made an Earth Day project and reused some metal cans ~ turning them into a small herb garden.

She painted the cans and then planted basil, chives, tarragon, cilantro and a few other herbs. They are really starting to grow now and she’s excited to be able to gather and cook with her herbs soon.


Next up: The Sound of Freedom at Parris Island


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