Farmers Market and Forsyth Park

Yet again I’ve been remiss in staying on top of my blogging. So, let me fix that by catching you up on what’s been happening in our part of the world.

Here’s a part 1 of a brief rundown on things in Georgia (*Warning ~ picture laden post ahead.)

Herb Gardens, Farmer’s Markets and Forsyth Park:

I’ve been in search of a decent Farmer’s Market and so far it’s been a bust. I’m hoping that it’s just too early in the season and that things will pick up. But in our quest for all things homegrown, we’ve had some good photo ops and lots of fun.

First, we headed down to Forsyth Park and bought some Vidalia Onions. Steph liked the big oaks and the wide walkways though the park.



Forsyth Park is one of the largest parks in the historic district and is a great place for walking, biking, having a picnic under the oaks, or just people watching.



So, we enjoyed a leisurely jaunt through the park and around the fountain. Then we found a few houses on the outskirts of the park that were for sale (well … not the pale green one. I just liked the lines on that one). We looked and drooled a bit ~ even called on the bottom one.

100_0483 100_0484


Then we jumped over to Polk’s Fresh Market (apparently where *Paula* does her fresh veggie shopping), and grabbed a bite of lunch in this quaint little market. While we were there, no less than two tours came through.


Coming up in Part 2: Telfair Square and the Pool and then we’ll close with the Sound of Freedom.


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