Caught in the Web

I’ve had quite a few items floating around in the “let’s show this to everyone” category. So, I thought I’d better do a post on them and clear that part of my brain. 🙂 Then I can add posts about the other, more pressing topics in my life. Ha!

First and foremost, you can win a copy of The Treasure Principle: Unlocking the Secret of Joyful Giving over at my other blog. Please go over and leave a comment to be entered to win. (And stay tuned because I’ll be giving away Mama’s Got a Fake ID – just in time for Mother’s Day).

Now … on to the rest of stuff.


hsbclogo1. Save on your homeschool curriculum when you join the HomeSchool Buyers Co-op. It’s free to join as long as you are a homeschool family.

In addition to fantastic discounts, they offer great benefits like home school ID cards, SmartPoints (a co-op currency), and information on free curriculum and educational contests and scholarships. (Right now, they’re running a contest for a Kindle 2!)

Here’s a partial list of discounted curriculum they offer:

  • Dave Ramsey Financial curriculum
  • Drive thru History (from National Day of Prayer)
  • NEST Learning
  • God’s Design for Science from Answers in Genesis
  • Kaplan SAT online Prep
  • Colonial Williamsburg Electronic Field Trips
  • Discovery Education
  • Houghton Mifflin’s Destination Math
  • Explode the Code
  • BrainWare Safari
  • and much more!!!!!

2. One more Homeschooling Resource is ~ an online multimedia education program. You can also follow them at Twitter (see next entry).

3. Twitter_128x128Twitter: This exceptionally useful tool keeps you up to date with 140 character snippets of info. Sign up now at and you can follow me: @cbroxton (

If you homeschool, you might want to add these folks to your follow list as well:

@thinkwell (
@SimpleSchooling (


4. Earthquake Relief for Italy ~ anyone who knows me knows that Italy and her people and near and dear to my heart. The recent earthquake and multiple aftershocks there have devastated ancient towns and hamlets in the region. Dino Rizzo – a pastor in Baton Rouge, LA – gives an update on relief to the region. Read the update here: Earthquake Relief Update from Italy For Christ

His friends at Operation Blessing are doing some great work over there. Seeing souls saved and providing needs to those who lost homes and loved ones.

5. Help Chinese Orphans: One of the blogs I follow is that of a family living in Tianjin, China. They are doing some fantastic work with one of the local orphanages there. You can read about it on their blog:

It also offers an opportunity for you to get involved in changing the lives of the children there. I encourage you to keep up with Kimberly’s personal blog too (a link is in the sidebar of my blog).


6. One last, fun item of note. I stumbled across a really cool site and accompanying blog. It’s focuses on parties and all things associated with throwing the best bashes – from birthday parties to bridal showers, baby showers to family get togethers. Most of these ideas are so over the top (and should only be attempted by the likes of Jackie Taylor and Cindy McDaniels). I don’t think I’d succeed with many of them, but it’s nice to dream!

Check out: Hostess with the Mostess and her blog

One of the things I want to try is the Rainbow Cake featured in this post


This picture is from her blog and is only one of MANY gorgeous photos. I encourage you to check out her tutorials and ideas. Here’s a few links to get you started:

Party Themes:

Check out this adorable Little Miss Birthday party: Little Miss Birthday

Kid’s Birthday Party Ideas:


Trust me … just about every post is going to have you drooling and revving your creativity. Dive in! You won’t be sorry.


2 thoughts on “Caught in the Web

  1. Monya says:

    Ok the rainbow cake is awesome. I might want to do that for Iris since her name means rainbow. Awesome. Thanks for the post.

    Love ya

    • cbroxton says:

      Yeah! That was so COOL ~ I can’t believe how it all stays separate and doesn’t just make one yucky color. I’m definitely giving it a try soon.

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