Springtime in the Deep South

Down here spring brings festivals … lots of festivals. First came the Collard Green Festival (we missed it), yesterday was the Strawberry Festival and in three weeks we’re headed to one of the biggest and best — but more about that later.

I thought I would share our Strawberry Festival experience with you all. It was held in Bloomingdale, Georgia, at Ottawa Farms. This adorable 700 acre farm is situated about 15 minutes from my house. We dropped in after lunch yesterday and spent some time in the field picking a few strawberries, but the plants were already fairly depleted by the time we arrived.

So, we splashed in puddles and sloshed through soggy rows of strawberry fields and had a blast! Thank goodness we wore our flip flops because our feet were muddy and we looked like hobos after about 10 minutes in the field. 🙂  We plan to go back in a week or two and pick some more when it’s dry and the plants have had an opportunity to recover.


Steph inspecting the rows of strawberries looking for the perfect ripe berry.



Success!! (btw, those are her daddy’s glasses. She took them from him early on in the day.)



Look at all those strawberry plants. Deceptive dry on this end but oh so soggy in the middle of each row.


Check out that sky! I just had to include it in the picture.


Ride, Stephie, Ride:

Stephanie loves to ride horses and they had some at the strawberry festival. Well, actually they were ponies but it served the purpose. They needed an older child that wasn’t afraid to ride without someone standing next to them because the only available pony was a wee bit grumpy. So, Steph volunteered. As they put her on the pony they mentioned to her that his name was “Buckshot” – great name for an ornery horse!

We noticed that she was giggling about something and as she rounded the corner nearest me, she hollered, “Mama, do you know what this horse’s name is? It’s BUTTshot!!!”

Leave it to my daughter!

Here’s a picture of Stephie and BUTTshot!



What’s Next:

09_fest_logoIn three weeks we’ll be headed to Vidalia for the Vidalia Onion Festival. I’ve always wanted to go to this festival and this looks like as good a year as any to attend.

In addition to celebrating the official State Vegetable of Georgia, there will be an AIR SHOW and you know anytime I get to hear the Sound of Freedom it’s a good day!!

You’ve got three weeks. If anyone is interested in going with us to the festival let us know and we’ll make plans accordingly. Kids under 12 are free and if you buy tickets in advance, adults are only $8.00. Not too bad for an air show and a festival to honor those delightfully sweet onions from Georgia.


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