Church Update and Prayer Team

It’s been a while since I posted anything related to what’s going on down here in Savannah, ministry-wise. To catch you all up on what’s going on, here are the latest developments.

1629109 First, we’ve been meeting in our home with Doug, Lee, granny and the kids on a weekly basis and have had several families visit us off and on. We’re really praying for a place to meet that will accommodate more folks and afford us the opportunity to have a worship set as well.

To that end, we have a lead on a place located short distance from the house. It would be temporary but might work nicely as a “next step” solution for us. It’s a meeting room style of building and they would rent it to us for Sunday service for $100 per week. Not bad, if you think about it, but we are praying about when/how to proceed. There are other options in the area and we just want to be certain of God’s timing and best location.

A Day in the Life
Aside from that, it’s pretty slow going. Work has been slower than normal for James but this week seems to be shaping up nicely for more hours. Ultimately, we look forward to a time when work does not consume nearly every waking hour for him.

I’ve been blessed with a consulting gig and really enjoy working with the folks at LifeSpring Worship Center. They are a great bunch of folks and I’ve been teaching Final Cut Pro to one of the folks there while working with their team to get their television program up to speed.

Steph’s been ripping through 1st grade and enjoying it immensely. She misses all her friends up in Nashville but loves being outdoors and enjoying the warm Georgia weather. One of her favorite things to do is walk around downtown Savannah exploring all that the city has to offer. Forsyth Park (see photo above) has one of her favorite fountains and walking spaces.

Prayer Team:
I know that most of you who read this blog are members of our church in Nashville. So, you know what we’ve come to Savannah to do. For the rest of you, our goal here is to plant a church and to contribute to expanding God’s Kingdom here in the Savannah and Low Country area.

We’ve recently been blessed with a renter for the house back in Nashville. That was a HUGE answer to prayer. Thanks to everyone who prayed with us regarding renters for our house!

We realize that prayer is the basis for all success in what we are doing and I know several of you pray regularly for this ministry. We’d like to start providing our Prayer Team with updates specific to our needs here. So, if you pray for us and would like to get Prayer Team updates, please send an email to:
christy{dot}broxton{@}gmail{dot}com to let me know. (You can probably expect about one email a month from us.)


Thanks again for partnering with us to reach Savannah! We look forward to what 2009 holds and to giving you good reports on the work here.


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