What I’ll be Missing

I had hoped to have a Notes from the Deep South post for you all this weekend, complete with pictures, but I’m going to have to miss the soiree of the year down here. We’re headed to Nashville this weekend to work on our house and get it ready for renters (YAY!!!). So, I’ll gladly give up a post in exchange for that.

collard_fest_2009_logoJust so you don’t feel like you missed out, though, let me share with you where I would have been.

That’s right! We were headed to the local Collard Greens Festival and James was excited about enjoying the “Collards ‘n’ Cornbread Cook-off.” They offer lots to do that day, complete with a parade. Plus, you can pick a mess of greens for only $5 this weekend. This was sure to be some down-home, country fun. Alas, maybe next year!

For those of you that will be in Savannah this weekend, you might consider a trip out to the Promised Land Farms. Looks like it will be lots of fun and some good grub to boot — that is, if you like Collards.

Visit the website to learn more:

Check out the commercial for all the details:


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