Back from the Darkness

I’m sure some of you have noticed that things have been relatively quiet on the cyberfront lately ~ at least where I was concerned. I’ve been in the deep darkness of no internet or cable at home since February 3. Can you believe it??

At first the silence was deafening. Really. Truly. Deafening.

But after about a week, I realized how much more I was getting accomplished on a daily basis ~ even with the daily library trips to use the wifi for a half hour or so. And as anxious as I was to get back online and caught up, I was actually enjoying the ‘darkness’ at home.

Well . . . I’m back and playing catch-up. I must have ‘starred’ about 200 posts in my Google Reader (you know you can’t *really* read through all that stuff in half an hour at the local library AND watch a 5yo at the same time) and I am still wading through them. So, I’m online quite a bit right now but after I’m all caught up, you might just see less of me lurking around in cyberspace.

Pssst . . . the real world still exists. There is life beyond your computer screen. Get out and enjoy!


History Filled Weekend

Speaking of getting out and enjoying … we spent last weekend immersed in history and doing the Savannah sight-seeing thing. I think it deserves a post all its own but here’s a teaser.

It involved a fort, a moat {supposedly inhabited by gators – we didn’t see any at the fort}, tabby ruins at a local plantation, and lots of wildlife indigenous to the area – think cougars, gators {baby gators anyway}, deer, bald eagles, fox, wolves, and more.

Here’s a pic or two to hold you over until I post in detail:


View from outside Fort Pulaski


Colonial reenactments at Wormsloe


Book Reviews at my other Blog:

One last bit of info. I’ve posted some more book reviews over at Literary Discoveries. As mentioned in the previous post, I have a giveaway you can enter for a set of three books.

You can also find reviews for each of the following books. Just click on the picture to see the review.



  greatestwords    dietbook


Ok – that’s it for a bit. But watch for the full post on the fun we had this past weekend. It should be up tonight or tomorrow.


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