Posts of Note for January 11

postsofnoteYup, I’m a little late with this one. I’ve been trying to get to it all weekend and it eluded me. So you are getting my “Posts of Note” post a little late this week.

Here, in no particular order, are the posts that caught my attention this week, scored more than a passing glance, or received the coveted “star” status in my Reader. 🙂

Number 1:
In case you missed it, January 11 was National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. There are two great posts calling attention to this tragedy that you might like to read:
     One from Dino Rizzo
     One from Greg Atkinson    
The statistics will astound you and they link to some really great resources for what they term “Modern Day Abolitionists” Are you one?

Number 2:
The Freebie Blogger has a list of upcoming Free Events. Includes workshops at Lowe’s, Home Depot and Michaels; freebies from Sephora and more.

Number 3:
Tips and Tricks for preparing for that upcoming walk for Breast Cancer awareness

Number 4:
Freebies for Mom points to a great FREE download from Suze Orman. Grab the free booklet that will help you develop an action plan in this economy.

Number 5:
The Homeschool Classroom shares some of their favorite links too.

Number 6:
Finally, here are a couple of really great digital scrapbook tutorials.
     Digital Photography for Moms – selection masks in PSE
     Taylor Made Designs – Fading Emotions

Oh wait … gotta throw in this one too: Bible Reading Plans for your RSS Reader. Looking for a way to keep up with your daily reading. Then try these feeds.

I’ve got tons more but, quite frankly, figured they were too geeky to share. Things like coding and metrics and videography stuff. So, I’ll spare you those, but definitely plan to check out some of the links on this list.

And tell me about some of your favorites too


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