Blog Show & Tell ~ early January 2009

Well, my friends, it’s that time again. The time where I introduce you to some of my favorite blogs. So, crank up that Google Reader and subscribe like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve got quite a few for you today so we’ll dive right in.

First up is The Tip Junkie.

I’m diggin’ all the cool posts over there. It’s like LifeHacks for mom. (Actually, quite a few of the blogs this time are like that but all cool in their own right.)

Domestic Diva

The Domestic Diva is who I want to be when I grow up. LOL
According to her website she’s a “mom turned professional blogger” who “dishes daily on products she loves, videos on being a tech-savvy diva, as well as how-to tips and money saving tricks for your domesticated life.”


simple mom

Simple Mom is another great LifeHack style blog. Her motto is: “Live Simply, Stay Sane.”

You will find a variety of topics here and some fabulous downloads as well.



The MotherLoad

 is one of three blogs that you can find at The link to The MotherLoad is as follows:
You can also find two other blogs there: The Aldi Queen and Mother Loot: Product Reviews. 

The MotherLoad offers posts on menu planning, giveaways, tips/tricks, and more.


Blissfully Domestic

The founder of this HUGE blog is from Nashville and she’s gathered lots of writers on various topics to contribute to this group blog. Billed as “the online magazine devoted to real life” they offer separate feeds for everything from Digital Photography, food, fashion, beauty, home organization, multiples, pets, and so much more.



*Click the banners and pictures to visit their sites.

Be sure to leave a comment linking to your favorite blog(s).


2 thoughts on “Blog Show & Tell ~ early January 2009

  1. Monya says:

    ok this will take me a week to go through and digest all this you just posted. . My Godness. This is the only adult stuff I get to do in a day. Thanks I am really enjoying all your posts.

    • cbroxton says:

      I’m so happy that you are enjoying them. Sometimes I wonder if I am speaking into cyberspace to hear myself type — hee hee

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