New Series: Posts of Note

postsofnoteI’m still going to share some of my favorite blogs over the coming weeks in the “BlogShow & Tell” series, but I’m also going to be highlighting some favorite posts in this new series. Some of these posts come from my favorite blogs and others from random locations around the blogosphere. Either way, I’m sure you’ll find at least one of them useful.

When you’re done reading be sure to share a link to a useful post you’ve discovered.


Just click on the links below to see what I’ve found useful this past week while blog hopping.

  1. Project 365 :: This is a photography project that chronicles 2009 with a photo a day. Sweet Shoppe Designs is just one of the many places participating in this, so google it and join in the fun.
  2. 20 Questions :: Here are two lists of questions. The first is for Reflection on 2008 and the second is for Planning New Year’s Goals.
  3. Blogger Hacks ::For those of you who use Blogger it can be EXTREMELY frustrating to add photos after you’ve started typing. One of my favorite new blogs (which you will see again later this week) has a post that brings some relief. Check out Help Adding Photos to Blogger Posts for more details
  4. $3.00 off Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream :: Yeah, I know … New Year’s Resolutions and all. Well, my theory is to break ’em as early as possible just to show ’em who’s the boss! Print this out and get some free (or nearly free) ice cream.
  5. Coupons in your mailbox :: Freebies 4 Mom (another of my favorite new sites) is drawing attention to this free offer from Pillsbury.  
  6. 10 Tips to Applying Concealer ::Another post from one of my fav blogs featuring some beauty tips.
  7. Cookie Sheet Calendars :: Turn an old (or new) cookie sheet into some calendar fun.
  8. Organization for 2009 :: Here are some free downloadable planning items from yet another great blog. She offers weekly planners, budget sheets, and more.

Watch for new installments of this series each Friday!

Now, leave a comment with a link to one of your favorite posts this week!


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