One Word for 2009

I’ve noticed other bloggers selecting their word for the upcoming year. One year mine was “Discover”. This year it is “Choice”

As in … to choose, to have a choice, and even choice as an adjective.


It’s come to my attention lately that everything is a choice, plan and simple! Even when you feel like you have no choice, you can choose how you respond. Yeah, this ain’t exactly rocket science and it’s not like you don’t know this information already; it’s just something I want to keep in mind for 2009.

I have a choice what I do, I have a choice how I respond when someone hurts me or goes the extra mile to reach out to me. Alternately, I have a choice when someone is hurting or in need of me going that extra mile to reach out to them. I can choose to follow God or choose not to ~ it’s really all up to me, isn’t it? I can choose to live in the moment and enjoy the time I have with those around me. I can choose to be intentional about life or I can choose to let the current of life take me where it may. I can choose to exercise and eat good things or I can choose to waste more time being heavier and less healthy than I like.

I could go on like this but I think you get the point. God entrusted us with the power to choose. It’s called “Free Will”. We’d all like to choose wisely all the time, but let’s face it, that just doesn’t happen. We all have our moments, blunders, miscommunications, and poor choices. For some it’s few and far between, for others it’s a lifestyle.

I have a CHOICE!

This year I pray that my “choices” will, in turn, become “choice” — I want to “select them with care”.  I want to be conscious of what I do, how I respond, and how I live. I believe that as I do so, this year will become a choice year — a grade above what last year was and a stepping stone to even greater (more choice) years to come.

Yep, go ahead and write it down — not every choice will be stellar but that’s the beauty. I get to choose to make things right, I get to choose to try again. I get to choose!!

We all get to choose. So, choose for 2009 to be better than 2008. Make a choice to enjoy your kids, your life, your friends, your relationships. Make a choice to control your emotions, your eating habits, your reactions.

Choose to enjoy the choices. Weigh them carefully, live them fully!

Here’s to a great 2009!


8 thoughts on “One Word for 2009

  1. Jana says:


    That is really good! Even though it’s so simple and something we hear or say all the time…it’s profound.

    I pray also that my Choices in 2009 will reflect God and not myself! That I will be HIS Choice – to say well done my good and faithful servant!

  2. Heather says:

    Great word. This is a concept I’m trying to teach my son. God gives us a choice in everything we do or say, etc. Sometimes the choice is a really easy one, so we don’t exactly feel like we had a choice in the matter. But, really we do. We are powerful creatures that must seek God in our lives to follow His plan and path.

    Wonderful word and a great thing to think about and consider this year.

  3. Cjsime says:

    “worthy of being chosen” “selected with care”

    I love it! What a great word. It can evolve with you as you progress this year.

    Too often we feel constrained by things around us but we are able to make choice choices about how we respond.

    That is a great one.

  4. Donna says:

    This is a word I am now using with my children. Instead of telling them they are not doing something right (ie-irritating a sibling) I ask them if they are making a good choice by doing that. It really works a lot better than yelling and it makes them very consciuous of their actions.

    Good word!

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