The Power of Words

Everyone needs a memory jog, including you (and me)!

Today I was reminded of how powerful our words really are, and thought I would pass this along to you. So often, the things that we know best are the things that register the least – especially when we are going through something. Whether it’s wrestling with internal issues or figuring out how to measure our words with a stranger, or keep from reaching the boiling point with our kids, we all know that words have the power to create life or to create death. (See Proverbs 18:21)


I want you to read the following passage from Only Nuns Change Habits Overnightby Karen Scalf Linamen, and really understand that this isn’t only Biblical in scope. Nor is it a fanciful philosophical idea that does not have concrete roots. Science has further clarified for us what God has already stated as fact. (But I know some of  us “know” these things but don’t give them much credence until we read something like this.)

“Words are another form of energy. At their most basic level, even without the meaning of language attached to them, spoken words are sound waves. It’s no secret that sound waves can leave things changed in their wake. Think of the high-pitched note that breaks a glass, the gunshot that sets off an avalanche, the sound wave known as ultrasound that can pulverize a kidney stone.

How extensive is the link between sound, vibrations, and physical reality? By passing sound waves through sand, Swiss scientist Hans Jenny proved that every sound creates its own distinct, consistent pattern. Some sounds create beautiful, orderly patterns while other sounds create chaotic, broken patterns. Other scientists have discovered the same phenomenon: When freezing water is exposed to classical music or gentle words, the ice crystals that form are delicate and orderly. Rock music or harsh words create ice crystals that are broken and in disarray.

If certain sounds and words create orderly patterns in sand and ice, could the right sounds and words influence or even repair genes, cells, and other structures in the body? It’s fascinating to ponder, don’t you think? And sound waves are only one of the reasons our words create impact. After all, our words not only create vibrations, they also convey meaning, shaping our thoughts, emotions, and interpretations of everything that happens to us.”

Here’s my two cents worth on this one:

How much of our lives and the lives of our children, friends, and family members have our patterns (whether orderly or broken) embedded into the very fiber of their being? I want my daughter to have delicate and orderly patterns, not ones that are shattered and in disarray. I have the power to influence her and the others I encounter on a daily basis with just the sound waves that I produce. Sometimes I think we forget that power!

What kind of pattern are your words creating?

BTW, this isn’t my book review. Stay tuned for that one and for instructions on how to get your name in the hat to win a copy of Karen’s book.


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