Combines and 2-lane roads

So … I was on my way to the Walmart in Rincon today. I rounded a curve on the two-lane road and had to do a double-take. Headed straight for me and taking up both sides of the two-lane road, plus part of both shoulders was the largest combine/harvester that I’ve ever seen (at least up close). 


(Picture this bad boy with the red thing at about eye level coming at you on the road – with no where to run. I wish that I had had the presence of mind and time to snap a pic of the real deal on my cell phone!)


As I close the distance between us, I begin to contemplate exactly how I am going to get around him without throwing my car into the 3-foot deep ditch.  It didn’t take too much calculating on my part to realize that even if I managed to get my car completely on the small shoulder of the road and keep it out of said ditch (which was truly impossible) that the combine would still take off the top portion of my car. I literally had no where to go!

There were no driveways or sideroads between us except Goshen and he was clearly going to pass it before I got there. So, my mind begins to race — do I floor it and hope to make Goshen Road (which was a mere 1/4 mile distant) or do I stop and reconcile myself to the fact that my car would make a stylish convertible?  Do I throw it in reverse and head back toward Kolic-Helmey??  What about the cars that aren’t slowing down behind me and those trying to weasel their way around the combine? What to do?

Mercifully, and much to the chagrin of the drivers trapped behind him, the combine driver saw my dilemma and stopped just short of Goshen Road so that I could scoot in there. I’m still not sure how he maneuvered the remaining distance without causing major traffic debacles.

Needless to say, our song of the day is compliments of Craig Morgan.

I’m a God fearin’ hard workin’ combine driver
Hoggin’ up the road in my p-p-p-plower
Chug a lug a luggin’ 5 miles an hour
On my International Harvester

Here’s hoping your drive is combine free! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Combines and 2-lane roads

  1. Tonda says:

    I just want to know how you know that song?? LOL

    Down south things get wild when you drive. Watch out!!

    Miss you girl. Say hey to the others.

    Looking forward to a new year!!??

    Looking forward to coming down to see you folks. 😉

    Love and kisses,

    • cbroxton says:

      Ha! I’ll never tell how I know that song! 🙂 hee hee
      We are looking forward to a new year and definitely to you coming to see me! We’ll have a blast!! Mwah!!

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