It takes so little

It takes so little to make my 5 year old happy. For instance, yesterday we went on an “adventure” which, to any adult, was masquerading as an errand and a bill that needed paying. The grand total for this adventure (minus the water bill) was 1 hour of my time and 25 cents, and she was overjoyed!

Allow me to give you some back story: Our water department is one of (apparently) about 60 that service the different regions of Savannah. Their office is located in a old building on Oglethorpe and the first time I went there I was not expecting what I saw. I actually drove past it and had to call to double-check that I was in the right place. You see, there is this huge, official looking building directly across the street and I just assumed that was the water department. Boy, was I mistaken.

Not only are they not in the big official looking building, they also are not even above ground! The offices are housed in the basement of this old building on Oglethorpe. Talk about small!

Needless to say, from the first day we found it until now Stephanie has relished the trip and especially getting to head under the street into the small office.

The full adventure consists of parallel parking (she likes to make fun of my lack of skills in that department) and then feeding the parking meter. She insists on feeding the coins to the meter all by herself even though she is vertically challenged like her mother and the feat typically results in chasing said coins into the dirt several times before they make it into the machine.   

Once the meter has been tended to and we walk the short distance to the office, she delights in descending below street level into the dank, musty space. The “waiting area” consists of a small walkway with three equally musty chairs dating from the 40’s sitting against the wall. She peers out the window onto the street while I pay the bill and then we’re off.

We paid for 20 minutes on the meter and we were not going to waste it. So, we decided to take a quick walk around the Oglethorpe area. It was sunny and about 60ish but cool in the shade of Telfair Square. We walked through the square and then around the block enjoying the window displays and laughing at the wind as it whipped our hair and made us wish we brought jackets. All in all a nice side note to an otherwise uneventful day.

Next time, we’ll pay for an hour on the meter and walk to Roly Poly’s for lunch and some special time. Man, I love Savannah and I love my time with my daughter!  What have you done with your kids lately!


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