Frugality Reigns, part 2

Here I am again … late to the game, I’m sure. But, as the saying goes, better late than never, right?

Let me start by saying that I read Joseph Sangl’s blog:  The blog is full of money saving tips and who doesn’t need those, right? If he’s not in your RSS reader – add him NOW!

Anyway, back to the point of this entry. He posted earlier today about CouponMom and RedPlum websites. Both of which are great finds. Apparently, this coupon mom thing teaches you how to save TONS on your groceries. We all buy groceries and unless you’re independently wealthy and burn money as a pastime, you probably want to get in on this.

Here’s a link to his post regarding those sites and links to each site:

And check out this snippet that was on Oprah’s website from the founder of Coupon Mom:

With coupons in hand, Stephanie hits the store and fills up her shopping cart with $127 worth of groceries. “Don’t panic,” she says. “That’s not what we’re paying.” As the clerk scans coupon after coupon, the total falls lower and lower—until it hits $37.16, a 71 percent savings!

And here’s a video from the CouponMom website:

Um … hello?!?! I could go for some of that!! Let’s share — tell me what you do to save green at the store.


One thought on “Frugality Reigns, part 2

  1. MELODIE says:

    hi i been doing coupon for about 1 month so far saved 35 one time and 25 the next time i wait for the big saving now wow thank su

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