Make your own Fonts … and more!

*Warning* – slightly geeky post ahead

I am a fan of fonts and have always liked the idea of handmade fonts but the hassle and expense has kept me from pursuing it. But today, as I was scanning a message board over at I ran across a FREE option for this.

I’ve always loved my parents’ handwriting. So, I’m going to download and print the form while I am with them in December and get them to fill it out. That way I’ll have a way to preserve their handwriting forever. I’m also thinking of getting Stephanie to do one each year so that I have a record of her handwriting. Cool huh?

I bet you can think of plenty of other ways to use this free tool too. So, check it out here:

Then, when you are done, jump over to and make your own book. The prices are great and the quality seems very nice. I have yet to have one printed but am considering designing personalized journals for some gifts.

Here are a few other ideas:

  • Make a personalized book for your kids
  • Make a recipe book of all your family favorites
  • Make scrapbooks and family photo albums
  • Go here to see more ideas:

Just in time for gift-giving!!!!


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