Get Cozi and get a life

Free family calendarNo, that wasn’t a typo in the headline! Cozi is a service I found out about today that I wanted to share with my readers. Granted, there are tons of services out there — some free and some with a price tag — that will accomplish some, if not more, than Cozi will. However, I think you will find that several aspects of Cozi will appeal to the homemaker in you. (Most of my readers are ladies :o) so my apologies to any gentlemen reading this.)

Take a gander at this short video introduction to Cozi:
Video Overview of Cozi

You will immediately notice several features that most moms would kill to have. One of which is emailing or texting everyone in the family directly from the Cozi homepage to remind them of events, items to pick up, etc. There is also a color-coded calendar for the family that allows you to view each person’s calendar as a whole or individually. You can also add grocery lists, Sam’s list, To-Do lists, and as many others as you can put a name to. Plus, it comes with a family journal. Right now I think this will be the least used feature for me personally, but busy mommies without another blog might find this useful. Right now it is private and allows you to journal your own thoughts — which might be useful in other ways *prayer journal, etc. Soon it will have the ability to be shared with others.

One other really nice feature is that Cozi and Betty Crocker have partnered together so you can search the recipes database at Betty Crocker and import ingredient lists into the Cozi lists. Plus, you can print everything in customizable reports or just send it to you cell phone via text message.  

Best of all … it’s available online without any downloads (unless you want to use the uber-cool screensaver or sync with Outlook) which means you can access it from any computer – anywhere – anytime! No more being away from the house and desperately trying to recall what time that event starts. Just look it up and rest easy.

I know that some will say that Google and others offer similar services and I agree (and utilize them as well) but think this will appeal to a wide audience. The less tech-savvy will appreciate the ease with which everything comes together. Plus, the interface is visually pleasing and easy to use.

Take a look at Cozi (click on that link or on the photo above)and see what it can do for you. Make it your homepage and enjoy a simpler way to organize your life!

Let me know what you think of Cozi! 


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