Such a big change

Most of you who know me know that I lived in one of the largest and busiest subdivisions in Tennessee. We were located on one of the main routes into the massive subdivision (nearly 8000 homes) and always had a constant stream of cars zooming past the driveway — typically moving much faster than the 25 mph speed limit!

So, it’s a pleasant change to live in a ‘subdivision’ with only 20 houses or so. We’re still located at the crossroads of both streets in the subdivision but I can count the cars that pass my house on a daily basis on one hand – and that includes the mailman.

Yesterday, it rained like crazy around here and shortly after the rain Stephanie and I went walking/biking. She splashed through the water draining down the street and had a blast. We walked the length of our street twice and never saw a car. This small act would have been unimaginable at our old house. Here’s a pic:


2 thoughts on “Such a big change

  1. Monya says:

    Awww! Lillian is just learning how to ride her bike. I wished my street was as quiet as that. We have a lot of punk kids driving on our street. Could you send some of that rain up here. It was good to see you guys this weekend even though I did not get to talk to you!

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