Sounds like a cuss word to me


The name of the new county in which we live sounds like a cuss word to me! šŸ™‚

Bad, I know, but true!

See if you don’t agree …

We live in Effingham County and that “Eff” is pronounced phonetically (short e and the f sound).

So, please don’t kill me when I talk about my county or you see it on my license plate. I’m not cussing you; that’s just where I live! šŸ˜‰



4 thoughts on “Sounds like a cuss word to me

  1. Kaye says:

    The first time I said this to my brother (who knows nothing about GA counties) he thought I just really disliked the county although I don’t use the “eff” phrase…event in abbreviated form.

    It does make me giggle though although I know it shouldn’t. =)

  2. cbroxton says:

    Yeah! I don’t use that abbreviation either, but figured I’d just clear things up from the git-go, kwim???

    It shouldn’t make me giggle either, but it does ~


  3. Monya says:

    Chris was raised in Effingham IL. When he told me where he was raised I said it couldn’t be that bad of a place. He said it is spelled E F F I N G H A M. I laughed because all I kepted getting when he said it was the cuss word. LOL! I am sure if you did not see it written like I didn’t it would be cussing. So, this is funny for the second time heaing from you guys. LOL!

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