Rush hour in small town Georgia

Thought I’d share a photo of the afternoon ‘rush hour’ traffic in Rincon. Stephanie is encountering log trucks for the first time but they are commonplace here, especially with all the paper mills in the area. In Milledgeville we would see them loading up after clear cutting. Here they must be dropping off their loads. Sure makes it feel like home.

I’ll be starting a series of posts called “Notes from the Deep South.” These are designed to inform and educate you on life in the deep south. Get ready, you just might be surprised.


3 thoughts on “Rush hour in small town Georgia

  1. Monya says:

    Hey, Seeing that picture brings back memories driving to a company called Southenwise. It held plastic material for a customer where Steven works. We got to see the pine farms where they grow all these pine trees then cut and replant. It is amazing seeing the process. My first time ever seeing that. I fell in love with GA when he would have to go there to redo materials. We would stay for weeks at a time. We would drive all over GA checking it out. Thanks for keeping us updated. I am so excited for you guys. Is there any places close by to camp? I want to go camping next year somewhere. We are going camping next month somewhere in AL with John, Wanda and family.

    Love ya

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