We have a house!

It’s official! We have a house to rent and a will be moving in around the first of October!

I’ve been hesitant to say much because the last time we had a house down here it fell through. One minute the real estate agent is saying, “You can move in on the 15th,” and the next James can’t get her to return calls. Come to find out the folks decided to sell instead of rent. Common decency says to just let us know that instead of ignoring our calls. Just sayin!

The new house is a little 3 bedroom, 2 bath house out in Rincon. It has a nice sized bonus room off to the side that I plan to use as a school room/office. The bonus room is detached from the house (across a breezeway off the laundry room) and only has a closet, no bathroom. So, it’s not ideal as a guest room, but I think will function nicely as a school area. The home is located in a quiet, small subdivision about 6 miles from James’ job. The back yard is completely fenced in and it also has a two car garage. It’s not a historic home but it is quite nice and I’m looking forward to getting settled!

I will post photos as soon as I can.

James is working hard and we’ve started our first Bible study with some folks from his work. It was held in one of his co-workers homes and there were about 8 in attendance. More were expected, so we hope to see them this coming Thursday.

Thanks to everyone who have been praying for us. We are doing well down in Savannah and are looking forward to heading back up to Nashvegas for Pastor’s Appreciation. We miss you all but are enjoying exploring the new city.


2 thoughts on “We have a house!

  1. Jana says:

    That’s so good Christy! We are excited for you guys. I know it will begin to feel even more like home when you have a home to be in that’s your own.

    Love ya!

  2. Tonda says:

    Yay for the house!! I can’t wait to see the pics of the house. I’m so glad you found something.
    I’m really glad that you guys are coming up for P.A.!!
    It will be good to see ya.
    So stoked for your bible study. Praise the LORD!!

    Sounds good to me. Just missing you guys like crazy.

    Love you girlie.

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