Total ReQall

Ever stand there in the grocery store and desperately try to remember that one item you know you are forgetting to pick up? I tend to do that a lot — even when I bring a list.


This handy tool can help you remember your groceries items and so much more. I used to be an avid user and still do to an extent. Jott recently came out of beta – I didn’t even know it was in beta! – and that means they are charging for some of the better functions. So, I went on the hunt for another app to fill the void.

I like the fact that with Jott or ReQall you can send reminders to yourself or add items to your to-do list, or even add an event to your Google Calendar on the fly. It really helps me if I “handle it once.” ReQall can send you an email, or text message, or you can even listen via cell phone to the recording you made.

Oh yeah … another nice feature is that you can send reminders to someone else. For instance, let’s say hubby is supposed to do something for you that day and hubby tends to conveniently forget what that something is. You can have ReQall send him a reminder. Nice, right? Or you give hubby a short list of groceries to grab on his way home. Instead of having to call you umpteen times to have you repeat the list, ReQall can let him retrieve the list via text message. Woo hoo! Score one for sanity ~

And if you use iGoogle like I do, they even have a widget that will let you see what ReQall is monitoring for you. Tonda, there’s an iPhone app too. 🙂

Most geeks tend to be prolific users of apps such as this, but this one has nice features that anyone can use – even the non-corporate mommy on the go.

Bonus: it’s FREE.

So, go register and start using ReQall for yourself.


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