Storm Surge from Ike

As most anyone who watches the weather knows, Ike is headed for the Galveston area and it is not headed toward Florida. However, I am learning one of the fun facts of the Gulf is that the water here has a “bathtub effect” ~ I believe that is what they called it.

Basically, because the Gulf is like a bowl, activity within it affects it most of the way around ~ especially if that storm is as huge as Ike.

So, Destin is taking a beating and my favorite strip of sand is underwater at this point. Can you believe that a storm hundreds of miles away could cause road closures in Florida??

Well, it’s true. Take a look at the short video:

Video: Storm Surge in Destin

Tonda — I thought you’d appreciate this. I’m sure you’ll recognize some of these places.

Here’s  a different one — just some still shots around the area.


One thought on “Storm Surge from Ike

  1. Tonda says:

    Wow, that’s about all I can say!!!
    The Jetty and the east pass towers, I’ve been there in that area many times. And I think we have drove through Sand Piper as well. That is amazing to be so far from the storm and still get that kind of surf and water. Great shots by the way.

    Love you girl.
    I know you are excited to be going to Savannah on Monday!!
    Give yourself and the rest of the fam a huge hug from the Turners.


    Love ya ,

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