Destin and iPhones

I’ve had a lot of questions as to my whereabouts, so just to clarify … I’m down near Destin, Florida, right now at my parent’s house. I’ll be here at least until mid-month and then I’ll head over to Savannah.

Air Force Beach and pavilion

Air Force Beach and pavilion

I love coming here! And not just because it has one of the most beautiful stretches of beach in the US. I love, love, LOVE the ‘sound of Freedom’ and I rarely get to hear it in Nashvegas, but here … oh here, it is abundant!! The house is in the pattern for C-130 and helicopter flights each night (I can almost tell the time by the rotors overhead). Dad’s office is near the flightline and I get to see and hear fighters galore. Can’t wait for the JSF to get here!! And to top it all off, Air Force Beach is in the pattern as the guys head out to the over water range. So, gunships, fighters, and more routinely pass overhead while we play in the emerald waters. Yes, I know, I get overly hyped in regards to all forms of military prowess, but I don’t apologize for it. (I will stop now because I felt myself pulling out my soapbox and preparing to stand atop it.)

In other notes, my mom and dad are so cool. Now, mind you, they are in their 60s now and dad is pretty technologically hip, but I no sooner walk in the house this trip and dad is waving a brand-new 3G iPhone in my face! I don’t even have one and I’ve been jonesing for it!! And who does it belong to, you may ask?!? My MOM!!!!! But alas, I think it is more than she needs and it sits forlornly on the counter waiting for her attention. So, dad tells me to use it while I am here! ‘Nuf said, I am all over that!!! 

So, I’ve taken the tutor role and have been trying to get mom up to speed on the iPhone. The QWERTY board drives her nuts, and admittedly it does take some time to get used to and to hit the right letters. My only complaint is that I wish the typing area would rotate sideways and spread out so that you have more room per key.  But I digress. It is a nice phone, and I would love one, but I would probably under-utilize it because of my aversion to paying exorbitant monthly fees for cell phone usage.  😉

Therefore, in conclusion, I’ll be here at the beach, toting the iPhone, and enjoying the sound of Freedom! I’ll post updates while I am here but it will mostly consist of R&R entries. I’m sure the really interesting stuff will occur once I am in Savannah.

Ciao ~

*Note: in the photo above you will notice the Air Force Beach and pavilion in the foreground and the Eglin AFB flightline in the background. Can you say, “lovin’ every minute of it!!!” 🙂


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