Hurricane Hannah

You knew the obligatory post about HH was coming, didn’t you? James is there in Rincon and my stuff is well out of the initial impact zone at his dad’s in Middle GA, but it’s apparently been 29 years since Savannah took a direct hit and they are already talking possible evacuations.

I’m watching it closely and will keep you all posted on how James is doing.

Update on the Rest of Us:
Stephanie and I made it safely to the Destin, Florida area on Sunday night. We encountered just a little of the outer bands of Gustav as we headed South. On Monday, we were just outside of the major action from tornadoes and such. Destin got some beach erosion and storm surge, but that was to be expected on the East side of the system.

Now, we are just going to enjoy some time with my folks and prepare to get things moved into Savannah after HH passes.

We successfully passed the application process for a house, and all we need now is to gather the deposit and first month’s rent while we wait for the move in date. It’s a simple 3 bedroom / 2 bath house in Rincon. We will rent there for a year which will allow plenty of time to really look around in Savannah proper to find a place to rent or buy. I’ll be sure to post pictures when I get there.


One thought on “Hurricane Hannah

  1. Kaye says:

    Okay, so I commented on you moving to Savannah, but I was not aware that hubby was in Rincon. We’re in Port Wentworth and our son attends daycare in Rincon. Wow. Small world. How close to the river is he?

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