When did you die?

Continuing on with some of my favorite quotes, this one from Chapter 2 in the Wild Goose Chase stopped me in my tracks.

“I’m not convinced that your date of death is the date carved on your tombstone. Most people die long before that.”

Owww! That one nailed me and I was flooded with the realization that for quite a long time now I’ve been going through the motions and living without any true passion. In effect, I died long ago. Sure, I started out passionate about what I was doing, but passion turned to routine and routine to dead, lifeless motions. I can honestly say I am re-evaluating.

Mercifully, we serve a God who has a penchant for resuscitating the dead!

So, take some time today and ask yourself “when did you die?” Then ask God to help you live with passion and to revive the long-dead embers in your life.


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