Wild Goose Chase ~ The Review

God’s timing is impeccable! 

The Wild Goose Chase is a quick read but its impact lingers long after the cover is closed. In his sophomore release, Mark Batterson poses questions, expounds on scripture, and allows space for you to come to terms with six cages that the enemy uses to keep you from the spiritual adventure God has for you.

Most of us have heard the term ‘unpacked’ bantered around quite a bit recently. As in, “He really unpacked that scripture” or “I love the way she unpacked that concept in her message today.” Some communicators not only ‘unpack’ the concept, they lay it out in color coordinated piles and then help you to hang it in your closet or place it in your bureau. Mark merely flings the suitcase wide revealing its contents and then lets you decide how to sort and appropriate it into your life. This makes allowance for God to form-fit it to your exact need at that moment, in a fashion that ministers uniquely to each reader.

I would recommend this book to anyone, but especially to those who have forgotten how to dream, forgotten how to chase after Godly passions, and forgotten how to play offense instead of defense with their lives. These mindsets seem to be reaching epidemic proportions in the Body of Christ today and it is imperative that we redevelop the ability to dream Kingdom dreams and to break free from the timeless traps that ensnare us.

Wild Goose Chase will do just that. It will rattle the cages that you have called home for far too long. It will disturb you and provoke you to action. It will confirm what God has been stirring within you and will reawaken dreams that have lain dormant or been seemingly crushed beyond repair.

There are so many excellent insights contained within the pages of this book that I will continue sharing them here on my blog, but in a more personal light. This book has arrived at an ideal time for me. I am standing at the cusp of what I believe will be one of the greatest chapters in my personal “Wild Goose chase.” I am chasing Him to a new city, a new state, a new ministry opportunity, all the while knowing I struggle with the same cages presented in this book. Every fiber of my being cries out to dream big, run free, and follow Him to the ends of the earth. I know I was created for this yet I am bound by my assumptions, held captive by my fears, and stare at the ceilings of limitations that I, through time and complacency have placed upon the Lord. I feel like I know all too well what Mark shared in his opening chapter: I “have clipped the wings of the Wild Goose and settled for something less – much less – than what God originally intended.” I’m ready to join the adventure and “chase the trackless, matchless Goose of heaven” wherever the path may take us. 

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Visit www.chasethegoose.com to read a sample chapter of the book and to get Mark’s 10 Steps to Setting Life Goals.

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What about that FREE book?
That’s right! I do have a free book to give away on this blog. Play along and you just might win.

One of the things Mark discusses in his book is setting God-sized goals for your life, to dream big and pursue Godly passions. As a Christian you should have goals and dreams – not selfish goals or goals of your own making – but, as he puts it, “faith goals that are inspired by God in the context of prayer.” I can honestly say, I used to have those and during the course of this book I had to pause and really ask God what they used to be. That is how completely I had forgotten! 

So, to put yourself in the running for the book, I want to hear one of your God-sized goals. I want to hear what dream will only come to pass by you partnering with God, chasing the Goose, and pursuing His heart.

I’ll share with you one of mine. I have a dream to write books. I even have notes and a title for one and I have an entire series for young readers planned as well. (As the punctuation police can tell you, I’m gonna need an editor!) Yet the ocean of life had nearly drowned that dream. So completely foreign was it to my mind that I couldn’t recall it when asked about my dreams!

I want to hear about your dream!

*Official details: Click the link above to leave a comment sharing one of your God-sized dreams on this blog. Then check back on Friday to see who will win the extra copy of the book. (Please note: Your comment will earn you 1 entry. For every person you send to this blog who leaves a comment about their dream AND acknowledges that you sent them here, you will receive another entry.) Winner will be chosen from a random drawing of all entries received.


7 thoughts on “Wild Goose Chase ~ The Review

  1. Tonda says:

    ok, I had to ask and try to remember any of my God sized dreams. Sad indeed.
    I’ve always known and believed that one thing I’m suppose to do for God is counsel women who are thinking about abortion.
    Still, I stay in my cage of fear and I have yet to step out into my dream. God’s dream for me. And I know that this pursuit could answer my lingering question, “Isn’t there more than this God?”

    I can’t wait to get this book. I have read the first chapter and I believe that this is going to light a fire in me, again.

  2. Alan says:

    My God-sized dream is to also be a writer of sorts, but I would love to create a writer’s retreat and workshop where Christian writers come to workshop their writing and to spend time listening to what the Spirit is saying. I picture this place to be somewhere in the mountains or by a lake or something, but I think leading a group of prophetic writers to publish the heart of God would be pretty amazing.

  3. Jana says:

    Okay, so it’s hard for me to pick out just one dream that I have, but picking out just one I’d have to say it would be opening a Womens Center – – a place for prenatal care, labor/delivery and postpartum care.
    A place like home – a place that can allow women to have a relaxed natural child birth if they want or to still have the relaxed environment even with medical intervention (drugs, c-section ect.)
    This place would also have LMTs who are trained in prenatal massage, doulas, and doctors and even counselors for women who want to give their baby up for adoption.
    This would be a HUGE undertaking!!! And I know that without GOD this wouldn’t be possible. I’ve given up on this dream…because of how impossible it looks to me.
    The biggest wall is finances. I hate that that always seems to block things that I have dreams of doing. God gives us our dreams…he’s a creative God…and He’s to provide.
    SO where is it…??

  4. melodie says:


  5. Maranda says:

    I have many little dreams, but one of my biggest is something that God put in me a long time ago. I want to organize huge conferences – I’m talking something like The Call, Joyce Meyer, “Women of Faith” – arena-filled conferences. I don’t want it to be like that of others, but something new and different. I want to see a move of the Spirit like never before in a filled arena. I know that the aforementioned gatherings are Spirit-filled and God ordained, but I don’t want something that has already been done.
    I believe one day this will happen, and I pray that we will see God as never before. I want to see the prophetic voice going forth, worship in Spirit and in truth, and whatever else God wants to do. I don’t want it to be a happy time with God where nobody changes, but I want to see the hearts in this nation turned back to God.
    My dream is that I will be able to help young people turn from evil and run ferociously toward God. I want to be used to spread the Fire of God throughout this nation. I want our country to return to one nation under the one true God!

    …so that’s really a couple of dreams, but they work together.

  6. Monya says:

    My biggest dream is to counsel young woman who have been sexaully, physically or sexually abused. To allow the Lord to use my life as an example before Him and others of what the Lord can do in those situation and the end results of the Lord in my life. That has been a big dream of mine since I was a little girl who was going though all of those. I know that the Lord will use those things that the enemy wants to harm us for good. My dream is to be able to do something like this. This is something the Lord is going to have to do completely. I believe when the timing is right. When my Pastors give the ok. Things will go forth. I have not allowed the Lord to train me and or go get trainning needed. I have allowed my life to consume me and I had left my dream behind. Reading this section on the blog has helped remind me of what the Lord has spoken to me years ago.

  7. Danyalle says:

    My God size dream…. is to be able to creat works of art that are prophetic in nature and stir people to look to the Lord as their sorce. I have many paintings in my head but at the moment have no idea how to put them down even on paper. but GOD….. He will give me the Tools!

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