Details on the house and move

Here’s a little update for those of you who are curious about the progress towards Savannah. We have not sold the house yet ~ in fact, no one has even looked at it. But Chris and Tiff sold their house and will rent for a bit here. That’s a blessing and frees me up to head south.

So, this week begins fruit basket turnover around here. Tiff and the family will be moving in for a bit and then I’ll head out as soon as James can come up here and drive a U-Haul down to his dad’s house with our stuff. It will stay at his house until we have a place in Savannah. We are looking at a house in Rincon that rents for about $1000 per month. So, all that is standing in the way is passing the application process and getting $2000 for move in (first month rent plus deposit).

In the interim, I will be staying at my folks in Florida for a bit and then perhaps with someone in Savannah for a couple of weeks. All of that just depends on how quickly things progress on the house we are looking to rent.

We truly appreciate your prayers and I look forward to updating you soon on how things are progressing.


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