Great blog to follow

I thought with the upcoming Olympics in Beijing that you all might be interested in a blog I follow. It’s listed in my right hand column {Gesweins} and I began following her as a result of digital scrapbooking. Her blog is FULL of details and daily life aspects of China. She lives in Tianjin and her husband teaches at a school there.

You will notice that the language on her blog is carefully chosen because of the censorship (*read: persecution*) from the government in China. Terms like “fellowship” and “Dad” replace ones we are more familiar with and use without fear of repercussions in the USA. One of the things I’ve noticed over the months of following her is that often times she has to ask that those corresponding with her or posting comments be mindful of these censorship rules. She can get in trouble by someone commenting on her blog with rhetoric that is unapproved by the government. Sad, huh?

So, subscribe to her blog, pray for her family, and enjoy a rare look into China though the eyes of someone who loves her yet is not native to her land.

Also, here’s a link to something I’ve been seeing on some of my other sites as well. This has nothing to do with the blog mentioned above – just to be clear.

Voice of the Martyrs is currently offering FREE Olympic prayer bands. Jump over to their site and read what they have to say about the *censorship* encountered by some in that land. You can grab a band and remember to pray for China and the folks like Kimberly who are living amongst them.

Tell me what blogs you like to follow.


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