Chillin’ Down in Savannah

Greetings from the SAV!!!

We decided on an impromptu trip down to Savannah this weekend and have enjoyed a few hours together as a family. Whirlwind trip … beach, looking at houses, etc.

House near 39th StreetDriving through downtown, I have definitely ruled out a few areas of town for the homestead 🙂  The houses I love (for an example, see photo)are out of range right now for us — perhaps in a year or so we can work it out. For now, we are looking at the Rincon, Pooler, Port Wentworth area and dreaming of a nice historic in downtown or midtown.

The lovely gem pictured here is about $1600 per month rental and isn’t in the *best* neighborhood. It’s OK but a little further away from Riverfront than some others we’ve seen. There’s another Victorian down the street from here that is $1600 for a 4bd house + a 2 bd separate carriage house. So, if you sublet the carriage house it might actually work, kwim?!?!?!  So, maybe we can find a SCAD student that needs a place to rent and work something like that out. Who knows? Just a thought.

Ciao and see you all soon!



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