Scheduled Revival?

I was driving down the road today and noticed a church sign that read:

“Revival Begins August 20th at 8:00 pm”

I knew that the sign was announcing an upcoming event, but it started me thinking …

  • How can you tell ‘revival’ when to begin?
  • How can you tell your heart when to wake up?
  • How can you schedule God’s intersection with your life’s journey?

I don’t know that you can schedule true ‘revival’ like a dentist appointment. It happens. And sometimes it’s when you least expect it — like on the Damascus Road — when you’re running headlong in the entirely opposite direction of where God wants you. Sometimes it’s radical and causes you to cease all other aspirations for a time. Other times it might be a quiet, inner change that you notice as life moves forward. God is always working and it’s always with His own timetable in mind.

I’m giving some thought to that today. What are you thinking about?


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