Another One for the Books

Another birthday has come and (almost) gone! Amazing how time flies, especially as you get older.

Well, I figured I’ve been neglecting my inner geek for awhile now. So, I thought I’d let you in on the latest thing I am Jonesing for. It is a FLIP VIDEO MINO. Here’s a pic but check out the site for details.

Flip Video Mino

Ideally, this is not for television quality recording. It is less than $150 right now on Amazon and highly useful for web video — which is precisely why I want it. The video quality is outstanding for being almost literally a plug-n-play piece of equipment. Plus, the price point makes it a good deal in my opinion.

It has rechargeable Lithium ION batteries and will record up to 60 minutes of footage. Pretty sweet!
Don’t be surprised if you start seeing a LOT more video on this blog. I thought this would be the perfect way to give you a virtual tour of Savannah when I get there. What do you think????
So, there’s my inner geek moment for the week.

3 thoughts on “Another One for the Books

  1. Tonda says:

    I want this new pen that I saw today at Target.
    It is sooo cool.
    Although they are advertising for the school/college student, I want one.
    I believe it is called The Pulse. As you write it stores everything in your pen and then you go plug the pen into your computer and download your notes.
    Love it.

    Check it out.
    I love your geek/techno moment. ;o)

  2. cbroxton says:

    I saw that — I thought it was cool too. Who says we can’t use it just cuz it’s for school kids?!? LOL

    I say go for it! Get you one, baby!

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