My Friends are Awesome!!

I’m a wee bit late in making this post but am just now able to discuss this without too many tears. Monday is my birthday — and no, that’s not why I’m crying!! I’m weepy because my church leadership family threw me a party last Sunday night and did the MOST WONDERFUL thing for me.

The party served as a combination birthday/going away party since I will be moving to Savannah as soon as this house sells. So, they spent the better part of what seemed like two hours honoring me with their words. They told me what I have meant to them over the years, and although difficult (in a good way) to hear at times, it was humbling and made my heart so full. I truly have served with a great group of ladies here and will miss them all dearly.

It took me until noon the following day to be able to see again because my eyes were so puffy. I swear I haven’t cried that much in ages! You all made this birthday so special and one I will cherish all my days!

My gift from them was the gift that no one ever returns 😉 … CASH – cold, hard cash!! And man, did they give! I want to publicly acknowledge them for this tremendous gift and can’t wait to go shopping for clothes. I know with the economy the way it is that this was a sacrifice for all of you and I am deeply grateful!

As great as the monetary gift was, I want you to know that your words were even greater! You blessed me that night and I will NEVER forget what you shared. Please know that you mean the world to me!  I love you all!

I, of course, have no photos of this event but saw my friends surreptitiously taking pictures. So, if they deign to share a few I’ll be sure to post the less hideous ones.


2 thoughts on “My Friends are Awesome!!

  1. sue says:

    hey girl

    first of all happy birthday. I am so happy I know someone who shares my special day. could not be a better person. happy birthday.

    love sue

  2. Anonymous says:

    There might be a photo or two available soon. Too bad I had the point & shoot instead of DH’s camera, but I’ll see what I can come up with for you.

    Love you, my dear!


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