Pirates in Savannah

No, Captain Jack was not in Savannah to my knowledge! However, Savannah does have a rich seafaring history and pirates factor in quite a bit. The Pirate’s House is located in the historic district of Savannah. What is now a restaurant, once was an inn for sailors back in the 1700’s. Legends run rampant about pirates that were seen in Savannah, and the Pirate’s House is a great place to start looking at the history surrounding those legends. (Check out the Flickr photos of the Pirate’s House) 

I can’t wait to get down there and actually be able to provide my own photos of these locations for you. Are you keeping tabs on where you’d like to visit when you come to Savannah?

Interesting Tidbit

Here’s another interesting tidbit about Savannah. (I thought this was pretty cool) The streets leading down to the Riverfront area are made of large stones and quite hard to walk on without turning an ankle. I was curious about these streets and while on our trolley tour of Savannah we learned that they were constructed of ballast stones.

(Here’s a good photo of them)

Apparently, the way it worked was ships would adjust their ballast before setting sail from Savannah. If they had too many ballast stones in the hull of the ship, they would take some out and leave it around the docks for other ships. If they had too few, they would collect it from the piles left from other ships. Once this type of ballast was no longer used on vessels the streets were paved with the leftover ballast. Pretty cool, huh?


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