Kingdom Movement

Those of you in church today would have heard most of James’ update firsthand. If you weren’t there, you might want to take a gander at the video from today. Just click on the link below and then navigate to On-Demand Videos (the link is at the bottom) and choose July 6.

We are so grateful for all the wonderful things that God is already putting in motion where Savannah is concerned. It’s fantastic, yet surreal, to be on the cusp of God’s destiny for your life.

We hope to utilize this blog to chronicle our journey into this new phase of our life. We want it to be as if you are looking over our shoulder and experiencing life there as we do. In the months to come you will see us post general life events, ministry related entries, photos of people and places there, and more. It will also serve as a place to journal God’s hand on our lives as a testimony for all who read it — both now and in the future.

We were asked a question today that started me thinking. A young man asked if we knew of other people feeling called to Savannah as well. We initially said, “No” but after some thought we were reminded of all the “Kingdom Movement” we’ve noticed toward Savannah. What I mean by that is that from the time we began planning and researching we have noticed that a LOT of people are feeling drawn to Savannah. As examples, there are Church Planting organizations that are looking to actively start churches there within this calendar year. There are entire youth movements targeting Savannah for outreach and community service projects. We’ve just heard that David’s Minks has family living in Georgia and their youth group just did a short-term missions trip into Savannah. We are noticing that others in the body of Christ have taken up the call for Savannah and the entire Low Country region (from Charleston, SC to Brunswick, GA) as well. And the young man who asked us that question today told us of a friend of his, from Michigan, that is also feeling the call to Savannah. It is amazing, yet further underscores the urgency of what God wants to accomplish in Savannah.

Our belief is that as one of the GATEways into our nation, Savannah is strategic. God is positioning His people at the GATES and I would not be surprised to hear of other GATEway cities experiencing this same ‘drawing.’ 

I am anxious to see who God is positioning to work alongside us as we gather the harvest in Savannah. I think it will be amazing to hear the testimonies that bring us all together, and we’ll be sure to keep you all posted so that you can follow along!


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