Beginning Week 3

As we launch into week 3, we will be listing our house with Joe Petno’s real estate agency. That was the plan all along, we just figured while we were cleaning, painting, cleaning, packing, and cleaning 🙂 that we could stick the For Sale by Owner sign out in the yard just to see if we got any takers.

So, Joe comes tomorrow to take pics and list the house. I’ll be sure to get a link and post it here if he’s got one. We are praying that it sells quickly — even in this ‘economy’. We know this is possible and that God is not limited by the economy. After all, what’s standing in our way is standing in God’s way! Right? I mean, we believe that we are supposed to be in Savannah and if we can’t get there we aren’t the only ones being hindered. The plans of God for our lives in Savannah are being hindered. Therefore, I’m believing that it will sell quickly at a fair price.

I know you all are believing with us. It’s tough to leave, but it’s even tougher to be half here and half there.

Thanks again for all your prayers, your generosity, and your love! You are a blessing to us and we cherish each of you immensely.



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