‘Cause I’m weird like that

Let me just state before I proceed too far into this post that it is neither Savannah related nor something likely to intrigue a lot of you.

That being said, I am, at the very core, a nerd! Most of you already knew that. Nerds tend to like things that others find boring or ridiculous. I am sure I have many such quirks.

One of them is that I like “Word Clouds.” Most of you are probably saying, “What is a Word Cloud?” They are simply a group of words that, according to Wordle.net, “give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text.” So, by looking at the word cloud you can tell which words are used most often because they are largest.

Last night I found – through another blog posting – this really cool site called Wordle. Here you can generate word clouds with any text you like. I was particularly intrigued by the word clouds generated from books of the Bible.

Check out this one from the Book of Psalms to see what I mean.


Or this one from 1 John:

*Click on them to see them larger

I like this because of the visual representation of themes and big ideas from these passages. Maybe it’s not your cup of tea, but if it is, run over to Wordle and try it for yourself. You can make them, save them, embed them into blogs and Facebook profiles.

Enjoy the “cloud.”


2 thoughts on “‘Cause I’m weird like that

  1. TAG says:

    Hey now, I find it quite intriguing. And I’m no nerd.

    Oh wait. Maybe I am.

    Yep, pretty sure that I am. Oh well…the delusion was nice while it lasted.

    Wordle, eh? Gonna have to check that out.

    Love ya!


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