Few Photos from our trip

I thought I’d add a few photos from our trip to Savannah. These are of places in the downtown district. They can also be found on my Flickr stream. (Just a note … feel free to click any photo in this blog for a larger version.)

This is the old Cotton Exchange where it was collected during the Antebellum era and processed for shipment overseas.

By 1820, Savannah was the 18th largest city in the US and had exports exceeding $14 million — with cotton being chief among her exports.

In the 1920’s, Georgia’s cotton crop was destroyed by the boll weevil and Savannah turned to paper products as her prominent export.

The Lady and Sons

One of Savannah’s most famous current residents is Paula Deen, of Food Network fame. Her restaurant is located in the historic district and from what we heard it draws quite the crowd.

The day we were there folks were lined up outside around the block just to get in. The guide for our tour that day mentioned that people start lining up at 8 am just to get in for lunch!! 

It’s hot and I don’t think I would do that (unless, of course, you are coming to visit me — then I would happily stand there with you). I guess that explains the cool mist sprayers installed under each awning. 🙂
Tomorrow, we’ll explore some of the movies that have been filmed in Savannah. Just for fun leave me a comment with the name of a movie you think was filmed there. Be sure to read the comments before adding your own – someone may have guessed it already. Let’s see if you can guess them all. BTW, try not to Google it — that’s cheating!! 😉



3 thoughts on “Few Photos from our trip

  1. Tonda says:

    Now Cookie, you know we will be in that line around Lady and Sons. I’m sure glad to hear about the mist sprayers!
    Love the pictures.
    Thanks for sharing “all things Broxton!” Cause I love me some Broxtons!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;o)

    Love you,

    P.S. Give PJ our love.

  2. cbroxton says:

    You know it, girl! We will definitely make the pilgrimage when you come. :o)

    I love me some Tonda T ~ right back atcha!

    BTW, thanks for the comments! I LOVE comments!!!


  3. Sandye says:

    I have no clue what film was made there, but I would love to go! So yes, we will stand in line and the sprayers better not mess up the wig!
    Love all the history and the thoughts that live insided that brain of yours!!
    Offer is still open to help you with whatever you need done!
    Love you so much, tell Punkin he is sorely missed!!

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