Egypt? In South Georgia?

For those of you who I may not have bored with the “Godly” details of our first visit to Savannah in May, I’ll take this opportunity to do just that! 😀


We laughed that weekend because the first place we visited in Pooler — which was a town suggested to us by Pastor Craig as a starting point — was GODLEY Station. (Spelled incorrectly, I know, but come on, seriously!) Then we headed down Goshen Road and came upon “Promised Land” and lots of other Godley-themed stuff.

Well, last week James was out scouting around and went through Guyton. He found an incredible house (this one has LOTS of cool stuff with TONS of potential, but would definitely be a ‘pipedream’ -like Pastor Lewis preached yesterday- for us financially). But the funniest part was even though it has a Guyton address it is technically located in a place called “Egypt,” Georgia. James said when he stepped out of the car he was literally attacked by gnats and other swarms of insects and figured they must have named the place after the seven plagues! LOL

Anyway, just thought you’d like to see this place — even if it is in Egypt. Hee Hee!

This place comes with 118 acres!!
4 bedrooms, 3 baths
5 car detached garage
7 Fireplaces
2,000 sq ft. warehouse with shelters
Above ground pool and pool house
and more for ‘just’ $895,000

Too bad it’s in Egypt!! I really don’t need to “go down to Egypt” after all. 😀


2 thoughts on “Egypt? In South Georgia?

  1. Sandye says:

    Oh man, that house is “da bomb”!! It is so beautiful! However, I don’t do gnats, I don’t do Egypt and I certainly don’t do 895,000 at least right now! LOL
    Keep looking, it will be waiting for you!

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