Big Update, as promised

Well, here’s a little recap — a couple of praise reports and details on James’ first week.

James left last Friday morning and went directly to Savannah to take his tools to the shop and meet with his new boss. Everything went well and, praise God, he got good gas mileage, made good time, and didn’t lose any tools on the road!

After settling his things at the shop he headed back up to his daddy’s house in Wilkinson county (about 2 hours north of Savannah) to stay for the weekend. He drove back down early on Monday morning, went directly to work (they work 8-6, Monday – Friday) and then located a hotel that night.

By the end of his first week he already had some good relationships started with the guys in the shop. One of the gentlemen there, a painter named Rudy, is a Christian. He and one of the other painters meet each morning to pray for the shop. Once they found out James was a Christian, they invited him to join them. So, the three of them started on Wednesday praying for the shop and one another.

Rudy and his wife also offered for James to stay in their home free of charge until he finds a place in Savannah!!!!! Praise God — that will save about $250/week for lodging! So, everyone please pray a blessing over Rudy and his wife for graciously opening their home to James.

Additionally, Rudy started telling James about the church he attends in Guyton. It is South Effingham Community Church on Harley Rd. He told James that on their church property they have three stocked ponds that they allow the community to fish in as part of their outreach strategy. So, he invited James to fish over there sometime. I thought that was a pretty unique outreach idea!

The search continues for housing and needless to say with James’ work schedule he hasn’t had much time to search out housing options. Hopefully, he will have more time this coming weekend since he will be staying in Savannah for just that purpose.

So, this week we are praising God that James has a place to stay and that we are saving that money! We thank God for Rudy and his generosity and for each of you that have prayed for us.

We love you all!


2 thoughts on “Big Update, as promised

  1. Sandye says:

    Yeah for PJ!! I am not surprised they took a liking to our wonderful PJ! We are excited to hear that God has given him the friendship/fellowship of Rudy and his wife! It was so good seeing him on Sunday, Randy and I are having withdrawals!!
    We will be praying!!!
    Love you guys so much!!

  2. sue says:

    We are not surprized either pj would not be hard to love on a just met bases. after all like i tell victoria he is attracted to because not only the radience of god around him but he is like a big teddybear he is a likable person. we will be praying for the right house at the right price. egypt does not sound that exciting especially with nats.

    love you all

    peter says hi and vickie is wanting another song please. fearnot is getting old every min we are awake.

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