Exactly 14 Years

Tomorrow, June 19, will be exactly 14 years to the day that we rolled into Nashville with all our worldly possessions in tow (which wasnt’ much at that point). I can’t help but notice that my husband rolled out of town to our new destination within days of that landmark date.

This year is also known as the Year of Full Circle, so I guess it fits!

For those of  you who are curious … 14 is the number for Passover. If you wanted to break it down: 2 is, I believe, ‘witness’ and 7 is completion, I think.

James Update:

Of course, he’s already scouting out new fishing holes. 😉
He found one in particular that he’s now coveting. It’s attached to 100+ acres that are for sale complete with a huge two-story Victorian house, built way back in the day. (I’ll have to see if we can get a picture of it for you all.)

His work day is from 8-6 in the GA heat! He’s been coming in at 7ish since he’s really got nothing else to do. Yesterday was 97 degrees! I imagine he will have shed a few pounds by the time we see him next.

We’re still looking at a lot of houses, apartments, etc. But it would be nice to unload our house first. Speaking of which, it is now listed on Craig’s List. If you know anyone interested, please let me know and I’ll give you a link to pass along.



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