In the beginning …

No, this is not a theological entry. This is an entry about the origins of this blog.

“Scraps of Life” was originally designed to be my personal blog highlighting my new adventure with digital scrapbooking. It’s still my personal blog — I just haven’t had much time for scrapbooking. I fully intend to rectify that in the near future though.

Things are winding down in regards to my responsibilities in Nashvegas and soon I’ll be taking care of the move, complete with settling in to the new place. So, I imagine shortly after that you will be seeing more regular posts with new layouts and links to cool sites. I know not everyone will read this blog for the pithy scrapbooking commentary. So, I’ll be sure to provide a nice balance of Life in General and Scrapbooking entries.

But for those of you with a love for scrapbooking (digital or otherwise) and a love for all things Broxton, this will still be a not-to-be-missed blog.  🙂

Just to give you a little bit of fun scrapbooking eye candy, check out these sites:

So, until next time …


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